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Floral Jackets

Styled Seasons | Floral Jacket

I am so excited for spring.  Philadelphia feels likes it’s never going to get warmer.  This bomber floral jacket is perfect for the transition to spring.  When I took these photos it was freezing cold and I’m pretty sure you can really tell how cold I was by the photos.  When I stepped outside I […]

Ruffles and Leather

Styled Seasons | Ruffles and Leather

Ruffles are everywhere.  To be honest, when I first saw them popping up on my Instagram, I thought they were way too feminine for me.  When I was in high school I probably would’ve been beyond excited at the thought of anything feminine.  But now that I am in my mid twenties older I seem to be […]

Top 5 Favorite Metallic Shoes

Styled Seasons | Metallic Shoes

When I started seeing the metallic shoes trend on my social media, I won’t lie, I wasn’t into it.  One day I was online shopping and I fell in love when I saw these.  Apparently if you put any shoe trend in loafer form I just can’t help myself from purchasing it.  It took me […]

Knotted Sleeves

Styled Seasons | Knotted Sleeves

I began seeing tops with knotted sleeves about a month ago and I immediately knew I had to get my hands on one.  I saw this one at Zara and it was sold out so I continued my search. After about a week of searching, but no luck, I got the email from Zara that […]

Pressed Juicery Cleanse Review

Styled Seasons | Pressed Juicery Cleanse Review

Pressed Juicery Cleanse Review I have wanted to try a juice cleanse for some time now.  I figured there was no better time than the start of the New Year.  I did some research and read reviews before deciding on the 3-day Pressed Juicery Cleanse 1.  They recommend this cleanse for 1st timers. I added […]