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Back To Work: Bags

August 5, 2016 0 Comments

I used to love August because it meant it was time for back to school shopping and soon I would see all of my friends every day again.  Every year around this time, I still get that same excited feeling.  So for the month of August, I have decided to feature a “Back to Work” series.  You can expect posts on Fridays with all of my favorite work essentials. For the first installment in the series, I have created a post on the best bags for work.  I hope you enjoy the series and if you are headed back to school soon, I envy your new binders already.

The first 4 bags below are great totes for work.  I would say a large tote is your best bet for work.  Truthfully, I could carry a tote around everywhere, but I have tried to stop carrying my life around with me.  It is important to find a tote that can fit your daily essentials like your laptop or any other electronic you take with you to work.  I should mention number 4 is a total splurge, but if you like a good investment piece I think this one is a classic.

Number 5 is laptop case, but I know plenty of people who like to only carry a laptop case.  This one has great pockets so you can toss your wallet and keys in.  It is also nylon so it is easy to wipe off if you’re like me and spill everything.

The last two might not be for everyone, but for those of us who miss our childhood (and know how much easier it is to carry a backpack).  Number 7 is perfect for a business environment and 8 is great for a more casual workplace.

I would love to hear what some of your favorite work bags are, too.  I am always looking for a new one!

Styled Seasons/ Back to Work: Bags

1 Louise et Cie Tote // 2 BP Tote // 3 Street Level Tote // 4 Givenchy Leather Shopper // 5 Kate 6 Spade Laptop Case // 7 Madewell Backpack // 8 Tory Burch Backpack

August 3, 2016