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Back To Work: Workwear

August 19, 2016 0 Comments

Back to Work: Work Wear | Styled Seasons

To continue the “Back to Work” series, this week I am featuring workwear.  Each item in this collage are items that I would consider essentials for a work wardrobe. As I put this together I realized that majority of the pieces were neutral colors.  I have habit of wearing only neutrals, but I think for work neutrals really are best.  Not only are the very work appropriate, it makes it very easy to mix and match your pieces.

  1. Wrap Dress – Really any kind of wrap or shirt dress are great for work.  They are comfortable and great to throw on when you don’t know what to wear  (or when you live in Philadelphia and are experiencing a heatwave).
  2. Nude Pump – A simple nude pump is a must for a work wardrobe. Such an easy way to dress up any outfit.
  3. Blazer – I absolutely love blazers for work, but I know they aren’t for everyone.  I do think a neural color blazer is something everyone should own.  Some work environments do not allow you to wear sleeveless tops and in summer this can be really difficult.  My advice: get a blazer and throw it on when you get to work.
  4. Pencil Skirt – It took me awhile to like pencil skirts.  I could never find one that wasn’t too tight on my hips, yet still fit my waist.  Then I finally spent the money to have it altered and that made such a difference.
  5. Dress Pants – These are seriously my favorite pair of work pants ever.  They are high waisted, cropped and so comfortable to sit in all day.  I have three pairs and still want more.
  6. Classic Button Down – I love button down shirts.  I think they are such a perfect day to night item.  Unbutton a few buttons and you are ready for happy hour after work.
  7. Loafers – These speak for themselves.  Classic, professional and comfortable.
  8. Cardigan – I really only find a cardigan a must for work because I never know what the temperature is going to be like at work.  I actually leave one in my office so I am always prepared.  Prime example – heat index was 104 the other day and my fingernails were purple in my office.
  9. Work Dress – A well fitted work dress is a staple for a work wardrobe.  They are perfect for interviews, presentations or days when you just feel like dressing up.


What are some of your workwear essentials?